Williams Elementary announces December Students of the Month

| December 23, 2015

By Williams News

WILLIAMS, Ariz. – The kindergarten student of the month is Jordan Salazar. Jordan always tries his best when doing his work and is proud to do all of his homework. He never hurries because he is proud of his work. Jordan is always respectful, gets along with everyone, and never gets his name on the board. Jordan’s teacher said, “I am so happy to have Jordan’s smiling face in our class!”

The first grade student of the month is Faith Jensen. Faith is an incredible citizen in our classroom. She is kind, generous, extremely respectful and helpful to all around her. Faith cares so much about being good. Faith is also a very hard worker, great reader and improves every single day. Her teacher said she is proud of Faith and that Faith hangs on her every word and is one of the first ones to lead in our reading and phonogram practice.

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