“Who Do You Trust With Your Child?” Campaign

| May 6, 2014

Who Do You Trust With Your Child?” is a campaign through the Arizona Department of Economic Security. This campaign is utilized to assist parents in choosing a safe caregiver and to prevent child maltreatment.  Think before you trust. A little planning could save a precious child.  It can also prevent many long-term behavioral health challenges and severe illnesses including mental illness.

This brief video tells some of the do’s and don’ts for choosing a caregiver.

This brochure is a great resource with information and tips for planning the care of your child – preventing abuse starts with you.

Child maltreatment often is done by the very people you know – it is a community issue that you can help resolve.  That’s why National Child Abuse Prevention Month is all about raising awareness about this issue and empowering parents, guardians and whole communities to learn how to choose safe care givers.  This month is also about acknowledging the significance of people working together to prevent child abuse…and most importantly, YOU can be one of these people by engaging in awareness and prevention activities in your community; a place to start is your nearest child abuse prevention council.

The Regional Child Abuse Prevention Councils are primarily voluntary groups of child welfare workers, community members, school personnel and other professionals located in 15 different areas of the state of Arizona. The Councils organize public engagement campaigns to heighten public awareness of child abuse and neglect, and most of all, what the community can do to assist in prevention.

CCC&Y is the Regional Child Abuse Prevention Council in Flagstaff.  JOIN OUR EFFORTS by volunteering or becoming a CCC&Y Member.

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