Who are Arizona’s Voters Today?

| October 26, 2015

About 47.52 percent of Arizona’s 3.23 million voters, cast ballots in the 2014 general election, according to the 2014 General Election State of Arizona official canvass from the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office. The voter turnout for that election ranged from a low of 35.47 percent of eligible voters in Yuma County to a high of 61.09 percent in Yavapai County.

That year, 88 percent of bond elections were successful, and 67 percent of override and 50 percent of capital override elections were approved by voters, according to a report by Stifel, Nicolaus and Company, Inc. The rate of bond/override approvals in 2014 was higher than in the past five years, said Randie Stein, director of the public finance team at Stifel Nicolaus in Phoenix.

In 2014, independent voters, 34.9 percent, edged out Republicans, 34.8 percent, as the majority in Arizona, according to Vision 2025: Arizona Comes of Age. Also, more Arizonans identified themselves then as moderates, 32 percent, than conservatives, 28 percent, according to Gallup Analytics U.S. Daily Tracking 2013-2014 in the Vision 2025: Arizona Comes of Age Report. Arizonans’ political views matched those of the nation overall…

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