What to Look for in This Week’s State Budget Proposal

| January 11, 2016

Children’s Action Alliance Newsletter:

What to Look for in Gov. Ducey’s State Budget Proposal 

Today, Governor Ducey will deliver his State of the State address, laying out his priorities for 2016. Later this week he will present his budget proposal to the legislature and to the people of the state. This proposal becomes a starting point for public discussion and legislative consideration and negotiation before the new fiscal year begins in July. Adopting a balanced state budget is a major responsibility of our elected leaders. The state budget can be a powerful tool to reach our common goals for health, education, security and a vibrant, prosperous future. It is a blueprint for putting our values and our priorities into action.

All politicians believe in fiscal responsibility. But not all budgets reflect this ideal. Here is a quick guide with 5 signs of fiscal responsibility to look for in Governor Ducey’s budget.

1. Long term plans for education funding

2. Specific spending cuts to match proposed tax cuts

3. Realistic adjustments for inflation and population

4. Strategies that prevent crisis and save on long-term costs and liabilities

5. Strategic dedication of one-time and ongoing state revenues

More news to come next week and beyond about how the Governor’s budget stacks up to these principles.

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