| August 20, 2014

If you can give about one hour of your time and vote in the August 26th Primary Election you can make a difference in who governs Arizona for the next four years. This year predictions are that less than 30% of the registered voters will vote in the Primary. If you want candidates that are supportive of our public schools you need to vote in the August 26th Primary Election so that we have candidates to vote for who support K-12 education on the November 4th General Election Ballot. In many legislative districts the winners of the primary are virtually guaranteed a seat at the Legislature. If you have a mail in ballot get it filled out and returned. If you do not use the early ballot system be sure to go to the polls on August 26th. Remember Registered Independents can GO TO THE POLLS AND REQUEST A DEMOCRATIC OR REPUBLICAN BALLOT. Registered Independents that vote in the Primary will make a big difference this year. To find your polling place you can go to . Making a difference in who leads this state into the future should be worth an hour of your time. Please feel free to share this information with other potential voters. By not voting you are letting others decide who will be the elected officials that decide the future for the schools that you work for or that you do business with….do your part and vote.

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