Vote for it or money goes away: Arizona lawmakers put $211M in school ‘desegregation funding’ in crosshairs. Please see related stories here

| February 8, 2017

By  • The Republic /

Redeem Robinson approached the podium and urged state lawmakers to stop legislation he said jeopardized the $211 million some schools get each year.

“Arizona already has a bad name for not funding our schools,” Robinson told the Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee this week. “Let’s not make it worse. Please, I urge you.”

Nearly two hours of fiery testimony later, Robinson, a father in the Washington Elementary School District, and the more than 100 people testifying on Senate Bill 1174, cleared the packed hearing room. Most of them were visibly disappointed.

The state Senate committee voted narrowly, 6-4, to move the bill to a floor vote.

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