Upcoming Autism After School training in Flagstaff!

| January 18, 2016
“Autism After School: 50 Challenges & Solutions”
presented by Amy M. Maschue, CCC-SLP

Tues, Feb 2nd: Flagstaff Family Resource Center, 4000 N. Cummings St, Flagstaff.

Time:  9:15am12:15pm

Register online HERE
1 in 68 children is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder– a diagnosis which encompasses a wide range of complex development disorders. Every kid with autism brings to your out-of-school time program their own unique talents, humor, perspectives, and challenges. So, how can we as out-of-school time program staff know how to best meet their needs?
“Autism After School: 50 Challenges & Solutions” will give you a stronger understanding of autism spectrum disorder and the ways it can impact behavior and communication. Presenter Amy Maschue, a certified speech pathologist who has been working with Arizona children for over 15 years, will lead you through a discussion of common challenges and proven strategies for promoting meaningful communication and interactions with kids diagnosed with ASD. This workshop will teach you evidence-based practices that will empower you to create a fun, inclusive and enriching program environment for all youth.


DHS Continuing Education: Growth and Development (3 Hours)

Quality Standards Alignment: II. Positive Relationships     IV. Equity & Inclusion

Registration Fee: $35.00

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