United Way of Northern Arizona — Why Pacesetters Are So Important

| August 9, 2022

Does Your Workplace
Have the Heart of a Pacesetter?



If United Way of Northern Arizona’s annual fundraising campaign is the “big game,” then the Pacesetters host the tailgate party.
Technically, Pacesetters are those organizations and businesses that hold their workplace fundraising efforts on behalf of UWNA in the month prior to the official start of the annual campaign. Collectively, they give the campaign a head start, set the tone, and are pivotal to its ultimate success.
But their importance goes beyond the money they raise. Much like the tailgaters who gather in the parking lot before a game or concert, Pacesetters build up energy for the big event. They are the superfans who get everyone excited about what’s coming up.
We are so grateful to our Pacesetter partners, the businesses and organizations that value the role of UWNA as a convener driving real, measurable results in improving our community. They lead the effort to Step Up for Our Community so together we can expand early childhood education, ensure that our youth are more resilient, and help our friends and neighbors with basic needs in times of crisis.
Our month-long Pacesetter effort starts Monday, August 15, and we are looking for additional businesses and organizations that would like to be part of this endeavor as we launch our annual campaign.
If you are interested in having your workplace become a Pacesetter, please email me or call our office at 928.773.9813.
Thank you for Living United!
Christine Pierce
Community Campaign Resource Coordinator, UWNA


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