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| October 22, 2019

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From Probation to a Career in Culinary Arts
Hello, friend.
As we announced last month, United Way of Northern Arizona is focusing our Flagstaff efforts so we can Step Up and invest in the Power and Potential of Successful, Resilient Youth . This shift is a re-commitment to those programs and partnerships that assist children from birth through age 18.
Programs like the mentoring provided at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Flagstaff, which is changing the lives of teens who have had brushes with the law, like Brian.
Brian committed his first crime on the reservation. Although he was a minor, he was incarcerated at the jail in Tuba City. He was transferred to County Juvenile Court and placed in detention for six months. During that time, he participated in weekly mentoring groups with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and after his release, he joined their probation mentoring group.
Getting to these sessions wasn’t easy, since they were in Flagstaff and Brian lived in Tuba City, but he made arrangements so he could attend almost every week. In fact, he only missed two meetings.
On top of that, he worked on getting his GED and started volunteering at Big Brother Big Sister events, like their Spooktacular and Chili Cookoff. Now Brian is off probation, working and applying to Job Corps training in culinary arts.
Brian’s story is not unique for the “Littles” involved in Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Facing obstacles in their lives, these children and teens are able to persevere thanks to the support of others, including the “Bigs” who offer time and care to troubled youth.
Our partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters is part of a renewed focus to invest in the sustainable life skills that youth will use throughout their lives to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Because of your support in United Way and its partners, we’ve been able to accomplish the following in the past year:
An investment in our youth through United Way is an investment in keeping our community healthy and thriving for generations to come.  
Together, we can support effective cradle-to-career pathways for our youth.
Together, we will increase workforce development, economic and social development, and our quality of life.
Together, we can move the needle on greater outcomes.
Let’s Invest in Our Youth… Together.


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