Trust lands: Arizona’s biggest little-known K-12 funding source

| September 30, 2015

By Lisa Irish • Arizona Education News Service • Arizona School Boards Association

At a time when more than 50 Arizona public schools are seeking more support from their local communities through bonds and overrides, many Arizonans are also examining two proposals to increase the percentage of revenues from the state trust land investment fund that are used to help support public K-12 education.

As of March 2015, the state land trust permanent endowment fund’s value was $5.2 billion, up significantly from its value of just over $1 billion in 1999. Its rate of return over the years has been more than 6.7 percent.

“This issue of trust lands being a funding source for education is important,” said Janice Palmer, director of governmental relations and public affairs for the Arizona School Boards Association. “As you look into the future and as you look into the needs around the state, we need to be making sure that our asset is being well run.”

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