Trends in Child Safety

| August 15, 2016

Children’s Action Alliance: Trends in Child Safety

Arizonans remain on red alert about our responsibility to protect children from abuse and neglect as we hear about horrible cases of parents killing children, children suddenly removed from group homes due to safety concerns, and a judge holding the Department of Child Safety in contempt of court due to a lack of timely services to families.All of these conditions demand attention and action. And as voters make decisions for the primary election, it is important to ask whether there are any signs of progress.

Looking at trends in key measures, there are some positive signs. Click HERE to see that in the past few months the number of children in foster care has dipped, the number of backlogged open reports has been cut in half, and the number of case management staff who work directly with families has begun to climb back after dropping to a frightening low.

It’s up to voters and our leaders to keep these trends going in the right direction and to put prevention plans and resources into action to help struggling families BEFORE they are in complete crisis. As our state embarks on a new plan to reduce the number of children living in group settings, the number of children living in shelters for more than 3 weeks has risen and far too many children live in group homes or residential treatment centers instead of with a family.

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