Top 8 Tips for Helping Your Child Prepare for AzMERIT

| April 15, 2015

March 30, 2015 – Expect More Arizona

Spring has arrived, which means we’re already nearing the end of another school year in Arizona. It’s time to measure what students have learned and if they are on track and prepared for the next step in their education. This year, Arizona students will be taking a brand new test, called AzMERIT.

Think of the test as an academic checkup. Just as you would want your doctor to share an honest assessment of your child’s health, AzMERIT will give you the most accurate information about your child’s academic ability.

We know that taking tests can be stressful and students can experience every emotion from panic to apathy. It is important your child is mentally and physically prepared and there are simple ways to alleviate anxiety and stress.

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