Tobacco Speaker Wanted

| March 18, 2014

FlagCHAN, funded through Delta Dental, is looking for a speaker that can travel throughout schools in Coconino County presenting on the dangers of chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes. Ideally the speaker would have been personally affected by tobacco use and would like to share their story.

Staff at the Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention Program will be able to help train this person and help them create a power point or other visual aids for their presentation. They are looking for someone to begin training no later than May.  The speaker will be paid for their time being trained (up to 40 hours) and will be scheduled to do two or three presentations this summer.  It will be expect for them to be scheduled to do 5-8 presentations throughout the school year over the next three years.They will be paid for each presentation as well as reimbursed for travel costs, if the presentation is outside of Flagstaff.

This program has been very successful over the past few years and FlagCHAN hopes to continue spreading the important message.

If you are interested, please contact Candice Koenker at (928) 679-7264

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