To keep kids safe, act locally

| March 30, 2015

To the editor:

As the Regional Child Abuse Prevention Council, Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth (CCC&Y) continues to spread awareness of the alarming statistics of child abuse, neglect, and maltreatment. Arizona’s 2014 Child Fatality Review Annual Report documents 92 child deaths from maltreatment. A stark rise, 22 percent, from the 70 deaths reported in 2013.

The Report shows an 87 percent increase in death rates due to maltreatment from 2008 to 2013. Despite the growth, who will feel the greatest sting from the state budget cuts? Children. The newly approved budget leaves the Department of Child Safety (DCS) ill-equipped to respond to the growing numbers of abuse cases, cutting $11 million from the Department.

The budget cuts to other areas like family support, housing assistance, and health services also contribute to the increase. As we all know, lack of resources creates stress, and stress on families causes abuse and neglect.

CCC&Y encourages everyone to think locally and actively. How can you play a role in the safety and success of our children?

April is Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Month. CCC&Y encourages your support of positive programs that provide resources and services to families. We encourage you to recognize and thank the caring adults in our communities. Above all, CCC&Y encourages you to act and be the voice for kids. Contact your local and state leaders, share your concerns and tell them that Arizona’s children, our kids, deserve better.

For a list of CAP events and ways you can get involved, visit .


CCC&Y Director


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