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| June 9, 2020

Racial Injustice: Being Part of the Solution

If you follow The Literacy Center on Facebook, you know that many of our posts are followed by #spreadjoy.  In light of current events, finding the joy is becoming increasingly challenging.  Covid-19 continues to expand its terrifying reach, systematic racism has once again reared its ugly head, and our children apprehensively wait to see what their future will hold.  Where can we find the joy? Where is the positive?
At TLC, we know that one positive is that this is not a time to stay silent.  This is not a time to quietly hope that this too shall pass, and that things will eventually return to “normal.”  A deeply divided nation, we are being forced to confront difficult and long overdue questions.  As a mother to three young children, I have attempted to explain the imbalance of power and why a black person would ever be treated differently than themselves.  Like many of us, my children want to know how do we become part of the solution? 
At its very foundation, literacy and education are social justice issues.  Access to education is one of the most important components to leveling the playing field. It gives people the opportunity to nurture and develop their voices.  The majority of our learners at TLC are minorities.  They come to the Center from an array of backgrounds, speaking languages from around the world.  Our learners have no doubt been firsthand witnesses to the systemic racism that seeps through many layers of our daily lives.  At TLC, we aim to offer our learners a place of inclusivity where they feel safe, valued, and cherished for the cultures and diversity they share with us every day.  We owe our learners voices in solidarity and thoughtful actions that demand meaningful change. 
Poverty, incarceration, access to education, and access to quality healthcare are all components of systemic racism and dismantling those institutions is an overwhelming endeavor.  Where do we start?  At TLC, we believe we start together.  United, we can support and protect members of our community.  Together, we can come through the other side of the anger, despair, and tragedy to find the joy.  Together, we can be part of the change that our communities of color deserve.  Stand with us.  Stand with our learners and be part of the solution.Sincerely,
Dianna Sanchez, Executive Director
Please stay tuned for a follow up newsletter from longtime TLC volunteer, Sakenya McDonald.  As an educator and a woman of color, Sakenya will be sharing her perspective on current events. 
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