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| October 22, 2019
October 2019
A Message from College Success Arizona’s President and CEO
College Success Arizona’s President and CEO, Rich Nickel highlights the impact community colleges have on postsecondary attainment and economic growth in Arizona. Read more on College Success Arizona’s blog.
Rural College Access & Success Summit
Berea College and College Success Arizona will be hosting the Rural College Access & Success Summit in Scottsdale April 26-28. As one of the few national convenings to focus on rural America, the Summit brings together teachers, principals, superintendents, higher education leaders, legislators, and non-profit leaders to share ideas and strategies for ensuring that rural youth have the opportunity to successfully transition from high school to college and career.Registration is now open.
Achieve60AZ Update
UpdateAchieve60AZ is excited to support Arizona Republic’s Pass or Fail series on attainment in Arizona and hopes everyone enjoys reading it, but, more importantly, hopes it sparks conversation. If everyone is working on how we can ensure education advances everyone, we are making progress.
Student Spotlight
Simeon James
Simeon James, an Arizona Diamondbacks scholar talks about his journey to the College of Pharmacy and how his College Success Arizona mentor made an impact on his college career. Read Simeon’s story.


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