| April 16, 2014

For Flagstaff to prosper in its second century, we need a vision and a roadmap that is firmly grounded in the beliefs and opinions of residents and provides a set of common goals that help guide our collective efforts.

The SpeakOut AZ Flagstaff Team is currently in the process of trying to determine the FLAGSTAFF WE WANT.

SpeakOut AZ, a non-partisan, statewide project, works with its partners in communities to identify, mobilize and empower individuals and organizations to adopt healthy civic habits that reinforce what the majority of Arizonans want for themselves and their state. Their goal is “An Arizona where citizens understand the issues that impact their lives, are involved in local social and civic activities, and vote in every election”.

In the 2012 Presidential election, Arizona ranked 45th in the nation for voter turnout according to national rankings provided by Nonprofit Vote – America Goes to the Polls 2012.

If you are resident of Flagstaff, please take the ARIZONA WE WANT GALLUP POLL. You can go directly to the poll using this link
http://www.thearizonawewant.org/azpoll/. PLEASE use the following participate code when you register to take the poll “speakoutflagstaff” (with no punctuation or capital letters).

The poll takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will be able to compare your responses to those of your fellow Arizonans right away.

AAUW Flagstaff plans to utilize your answers to help formulate questions for their upcoming Arizona Gubernatorial Debate (scheduled for May 22, 2014) and in Summer 2014 and plans to unveil the Flagstaff We Want (based on the results of the poll) at a Town Hall and then plans to work with residence to create and establish an community action plan on how we achieve it.

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