Technology-focused camps keep kids learning in summer

| July 22, 2015

By Corina Vanek • Arizona Daily Sun

“Three, two, one, SUMO!”

The classroom full of students echoes with the cheer as robots made of Legos, programmed by the kids, attempt to push one another out of the octagonal ring made from black tape on the ground.

The students, ranging in age from 9 to 13, are part of the Lego Robotics camp at Coconino High School.

As the robots pushed one another around the ring, students noticed their designs were not perfect. The robots were programmed with a light sensor to “see” the black tape and move away from it, but some either continued to cross it, forfeiting the match, or did not move at all. Each time, the students would take back their creation and try and fix the bugs, resulting in robots that, by the end were in fighting shape.

“I really liked learning the programming,” said Lucas Coe, one of the campers. “I liked figuring out which way makes the robot work the best.”

The camp, led by teachers Christine Sapio and David Thompson, focused on programming for the first session. The next week’s session will build on programming knowledge, Sapio said.

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