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NAZ Today Teacher of the Week — Moses Aruguete

| March 14, 2018
NAZ Today Teacher of the Week — Moses Aruguete

NAZ’s Today teacher of the week is Moses Aruguete, a STEM teacher at Killip Elementary School.

Aruguete pursues his kids to be engaged in the community and guides them to be self-reliant. Aruguete believes there are three elements to a student’s success in science, and the STEM program. A vision of what you plan to accomplish, a positive attitude and knowing it is ok to fail are essential for a students’ success.

Students work on a variety of science projects throughout the school year. A solar powered model car, building snow shelters to withstand rain and gardening are just a few of the many projects being worked on. Aruguete and Killip Elementary welcome new ideas for projects with open doors.

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