‘T-a-r-n-i-s-h’ spells success: Xochitl Galvan wins Grand Canyon spelling bee (Photo Gallery)

| February 15, 2017

By Erin Ford • Grand Canyon News

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. — The final two competitors in the Grand Canyon School Spelling Bee were fearless, going head-to-head for 10 rounds before fifth grader Xochitl Galvan was declared the winner.

The spelling bee’s 15 competitors from grades two through five lined the stage Feb. 9 in front of three judges. Competitors were allowed to write words down or ask for a definition, but were otherwise on their own in front of their classmates and the judges. It took six rounds to eliminate all but the last two: Xochitl Galvan and third grader Amelia Walls. Fifth grader Linnea Whisenhundt placed third.

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