Switch-Adapted Toy Workshop – December 9, 2015

| November 16, 2015

What’s an adapted toy? Switch adapted, battery operated toys have been permanently modified so that a child with a disability can use another switch instead of the toy’s on/off button.

Thursday, Dec. 10th 2:005:00 p.m.

The Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP)
300 W. Clarendon Ave, Suite 475 (new address)
Phoenix, AZ 85013    

Cost: $25.00 (This includes the toy and the items needed to adapt it.)

Make check payable to Northern Arizona University or credit card by phone.

Registration: Space limited to 12 persons.

Advance registration required!

To register, call 602.728.9534; 800.477.9921 or email adi.schaeffer@nau.edu

A limited number of tools sets will be available for use that day.  However, if you have any of the following items, you might want to bring:

Soldering Iron * Small Wire Cutters * Small Wire Strippers *Sewing Seam Ripper *

To print or share a flyer for this event, please click here.

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