Superintendent announces members of group to de-regulate education

| June 24, 2015

By Charles Tack • Arizona Department of Education • Arizona Education News Service

On (June 18), the members of the Title 15 Working Group (Working Group) were announced. Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas sought the creation of an annual independent group to propose legislative changes to reduce unnecessary burdens and outdated statutory provisions affecting Arizona’s public schools.

“Arizona’s education code over time has grown vastly and is not comparable with student achievement. I strongly support more funding for Arizona’s classrooms, and one way to do that is to free up existing funding by relieving Arizona’s public schools from spending vital funds on unnecessary administrative requirements,” Superintendent Douglas stated. “Just as getting rid of unnecessary regulation helps businesses, de-regulation will help students.”

The Working Group is a team of public volunteers. None of the members are lobbyists, representatives of organizations, or employees of the Arizona Department of Education. The members have diverse expertise and knowledge in Arizona’s K-12 education system. They include school superintendents, human resources personnel, food service professionals, business managers, a parent, a teacher and other education stakeholders who are impacted daily by the statutes.

The Working Group is chaired by Ernest Calderón and the Vice-Chair is Kevin Hegarty. The members of the Working Group are attached.

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