Summer is Ideal Time to Prepare for Kindergarten Success

| May 13, 2015

May 12, 2015 • First Things First

While most students think of summer as a break from learning, for young kids entering kindergarten, summer is the ideal time to instill the skills that will make transitioning to school smoother.

Kindergarten has changed a lot since most of us started school. Today’s 5-year-olds are expected to arrive with basic academic and social skills so they are prepared on day one to start learning to read, write and do basic math. Here’s a sample from a list – taken from a national survey of kindergarten teachers a couple of years ago – of skills that can help ease the transition to kindergarten:

  • Child pretends to read. Understands that words are read from left to right. Looks at pictures and tells a story.
  • Recognizes own name and tries to write it.
  • Counts to 10 and can count objects.
  • Pays attention and follows simple directions.
  • Can repeat sequences of numbers, sounds and parts of stories.
  • Controls a pencil and crayon well. Cuts shapes and pastes them on paper.
  • Is potty trained. Dresses self. Brushes own teeth.
  • Recognizes authority. Shares with others. Works independently.

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