Stopping the summer brain drain for students

| June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015 • By Frank X. Moraga • AmigosNAZ

Summer vacation time is upon us. K-through-12 schools are busy completing their traditional school year, with high school, community college and four-year university graduation ceremonies rapidly coming to a close.

But while the school year is almost over, this is not the time to kick back for the next few months to allow the summer brain drain season to settle in. In fact, educators say this is a crucial time to maintain education excellence and prepare for the school year ahead.

During the summer, children lose one to three months of learning, according to a study by Dr. Harris Cooper, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia in a story reported by —

In fact, children lose a month in math, Cooper said. His study also found that income has an impact on how much a student loses or gains in reading. Middle-class children actually gained in reading over the summer, while lower-income students experienced losses. Cooper attributes this to the enrichment activities that many middle-class kids participate in over the summer, such as camp and trips.

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