STEM Saturdays — How has Arizona impacted space exploration?

| August 12, 2019

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NASA in the 50 States

Did you know that all 50 states are helping NASA explore space? It’s true! Click the Earth GIF then select your state on the map to see how it’s been important to the study of space and Earth science. Explore other states to learn some fun facts, too!
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Afterschool STEM: Sparking Interest in Future Careers

Jobs in STEM fields power our economy and build shared prosperity among our society. Investing in afterschool and summer STEM learning programs will help students explore their interests, build skills, connect with mentors, and prepare for jobs in growing fields like health care, information technology, and cybersecurity. The Afterschool Alliance put together a one-pager for afterschool providers to advocate for investment in their programs. 
Building Blocks of STEM Act Passes House 
Repost from Afterschool STEM Hub

In April, the Building Blocks of STEM Act (S737, HR1665), a bipartisan bill to support research in STEM education focused on early childhood and elementary-aged students was reintroduced in the House by Reps. Stevens (D-Mich.) and Baird (R-Ind.). We’re happy to report that the legislation passed the House on July 23 and now awaits passage in the Senate. At the moment, the Senate and House bills vary slightly, meaning that both houses would ultimately have to conference the bill and agree on the same language if it’s to ultimately pass Congress and be sent to the president. 

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