Statement from CCC&Y — Seeking true justice, equity and peace for all

| January 12, 2021

By the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

Acknowledging the collective fear caused by current events feels essential to us as an organization. (On Jan. 6) we watched the violent penetration of an institution that is intended to represent the voice of the people.  While we are in a movement to address trauma, reduce toxic stress, and injustice, in this moment, all of that seems to keep piling on.  We also acknowledge that the Capitol building has not historically or currently been a place of equitable access or representation from all voices, and yet it represents one place where the marginalized and their allies can shape justice and create a truer democracy. It is our intention to hold the community and each other in this wound, offer care, and continue our work of trauma healing here in Coconino County. With open hearts, may we continue to recognize our humanity and oneness while we move forward toward true justice, equity and peace for all.   


Category: Advocacy, General

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