State Spending on K-12 Education Is Up – Barely

| September 13, 2014

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee staff has issued its annual calculation of K-12 education spending over the last ten years – from fiscal year 2006 through the current fiscal year (2015).

Compared to last year, fiscal year 2015 per-pupil funding, adjusted for inflation, has increased by $17 to $3,529, a 0.5% increase. This is still significantly less than fiscal year 2008, when per-pupil spending was $4,654. So spending per student this year is  $1,125 and 24% LOWER than fiscal year 2008.

FY 2006 to FY 2015 Per Pupil Spending Chart

Beginning in fiscal year 2014, the legislature is once again following the voter mandate to include annual inflationary adjustments in the K-12 statutory formula. This formula was only partially funded during fiscal years 2011 through 2013. An ongoing court case will require the legislature to increase annual funding by $317 million and may require payment of the funding that was missing during those three years.

This information was provided by Children’s Action Alliance.

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