State Budget Cuts Child Safety, Child Care, and Education – ACT NOW.

| March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015

Today, Governor Ducey and Republican legislative leadership announced they had come to an agreement on the state budget. This budget removes several common sense revenue increases that were in Governor Ducey’s original proposal. Instead, mothers and children bear the costs of Arizona’s budget deficit. Arizona can do better. Among key concerns for children and families are cuts in child safety, child care and education. You can read CAA’s detailed analysis here.

CHILD SAFETY: The budget plan assumes a complete turnaround in the number of reports of abuse and neglect and the number of children coming into foster care.

  • Provides no funding for increased foster care placements.
  • Increases the family foster care rate for older children and assumes there will be enough new foster homes to reduce the need for emergency shelters and group homes, resulting in a net cut of $2 million.
  • Provides no growth in child care funding for parents and foster parents who need child care vouchers to keep children who are already in the CPS system safe when their parents/foster parents work.

CHILD CARE: The Ducey/Leadership budget eliminates the $4 million in state funding that was just added this year to open up the waiting list for children in low-income working families. This proposed budget cuts back on child care vouchers and drains the fund that helps working families find safe and affordable child care…and keep their jobs. It’s a short-sighted budget cut that will keep reports of child neglect pouring into the overwhelmed child safety system.

EDUCATION:  Despite Governor Ducey’s repeated claims that he places a high priority on education for all Arizona children, the budget plan hits education with more than three quarters of the FY 16 budget cuts. Neighborhood public schools have to cut $113 million in spending; charter schools have to cut $3 million.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Take Action and send a message to Governor Ducey, your state senator and your state representatives urging them to reject this budget plan. Click here to send your letter.

2. Make your voice heard at the State Capitol tomorrow (March 5) at 4:15pm!  This is a rally for everyone who is concerned about the continuing cuts to education.  Last week, 300 people showed up to support our schools, universities and community colleges – join us to make this gathering more powerful!  More details on the Facebook event page:

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