Sept. 23-24 — Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition of Arizona to present ‘From Risk to Resilience: The 18th Institute on Infant Toddler Mental Health’

| September 20, 2021

By the Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition of Arizona 

The Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition of Arizona will present “From Risk to Resilience: The 18th Institute on Infant Toddler Mental Health,” Virtually hosting by Desert Willow Conference, Phoenix.






Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 

Plenary Keynote    
 “Trauma and Healing: What Does Infant Mental Health Science Tell Us About Interventions with Babies and Families?    
Dr Jody Todd Manly Ph.D., IMH-E
Clinical Director of Mt. Hope Family Center at the University of Rochester, also a licensed clinical psychologist

Friday, September 24th, 2021 

Plenary Keynote      
Promoting Racial Equity and Returning to Center: Inspiring Transformative Climates for Infant Mental Health Professionals
Eva Marie Shivers, J.D., Ph.D.
Executive Director of Indigo Cultural Center 

Choose from 16 breakout sessions offered during the
2 day Training Institute! 

Additional topics include:
 Disorganized Attachment, Early Childhood Education, Relationship-Based Support
Gender-Diverse Children, Intergenerational Trauma, Child-Parent Interventions with Parents in Recovery
Trauma-Informed Systems, Reflective Supervision, Early Childhood Therapy Interventions
Supporting Immigrant Families, IMH Endorsement

Pehr Granqvist, Ph.D.,  
Kandace Thomas, MPP, Ph.D.
Bernadette Herran, LMSW and Lorna Sedillos, LCSW, RPT, IMH-E®
Veenod L. Chulani, MD
Mark Nagasawa, Ph.D., MSW
Marva Lewis, Ph.D.
Faith Eidson, LMSW, IECMH-E® and Marina Awerbuch MAS, IMH-E®
Catherine Maguire, B.A.(Psych), M.Psych.Sc. (Clin. Psych.), IMH-E®
Allison Tom-Yunger, LCSW, MSEd
Kadija Johnston, LCSW
Vilma Reyes, Psy.D.
Nicole Roskens, MC, LPC


Registered participants will have access to all the breakout sessions on demand beginning October 1st through the entire month of October!



















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