Senate Policy Proposals

| March 29, 2014

The Children’s Action Alliance has released a list of amendments to critical policies in the Senate that they see as negating Arizona children and families. The State Senate approved a budget proposal last week on a party line vote.  Like in the Senate, there will be virtually no time or opportunity for public input to shape this critical policy.

State Senate proposals:

  • TOO LITTLE funding to pay for family foster homes or emergency and residential placements for the expected number of children in foster care.
  • NO new funding for child care subsidies to prevent situations of child neglect for working parents earning low incomes.
  • TOO LITTLE funding to hire critical CPS staff, so caseloads will continue to be far too high to assure the safety, well-being  and permanency of children.
  • TOO LITTLE funding for staff in the Office of Child Welfare Investigations, so they will not be able to investigate all reports of child abuse and neglect involving criminal conduct.
  • TOO LITTLE funding to replace the CHILDS computer data system for CPS. The state can’t afford to wait five years for a functioning data system

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