See How Your Legislators Scored in the 2015 Legislative Report Card

| May 27, 2015

Children’s Action Alliance:

May 15, 2015

ScorecardEach year, the 90 members of our state legislature vote on dozens of bills that shape the education, health and safety of Arizona’s children and families. CAA believes that every lawmaker has the responsibility to vote for kids, and our legislators should be held accountable and measured on their performance.

That’s why we publish our annual report card on Arizona’s legislators, Who’s for Kids and Who’s Just Kidding? During the legislative session, Children’s Action Alliance analyzed and took a stand on the state budget and several bills. This report card focuses on five of them in the Senate and seven in the House. Together they cover the issues of child welfare, higher education for foster youth, budget and taxes and predatory lending. Take a look inside and see why each vote was important, how each legislator voted and key progress for kids during session.

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