SB 1375 Draft Report Recommendations

| October 9, 2015

This past Monday, comments were due to AHCCCS on the Draft SB 1375 Report regarding integration of medical, dental and behavioral health services for foster children.

If you’d like to see the comments posted individually by the Children’s Action Alliance and the Arizona Council of Human Service Providers, it is possible that AHCCCS will post all comments they receive on their website in the future.

Both groups advocated for better integration and improved quality of the health related services for foster children. It seems that the Arizona Council concentrated on more immediate steps for improving the quality of care, while CAA looked at integration in the long-term, as was the primary focus of the draft report. Both views and recommended steps for improvement are important for the kids in care.

To see the CAA’s response, please click here.

If you have questions regarding the AZ Council comments, please contact Emily Jenkins.

If you have questions regarding the Children’s Action Alliance comments, please contact Beth Rosenberg.

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