RockStar Youth Leadership Track

| April 29, 2018

The RockStar Youth Leadership Track is a unique series of learning opportunities offered throughout The Training Institutes which supports youth and young adults in increasing their capacity and knowledge to advocate for systems and social change. The track also offers the opportunity to help adults understand how to create a shared space and mutual respect and understanding with youth in their own communities. The program is led by Youth MOVE National and a team of young adults in collaboration with the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Having young leaders at the center of the development of the RockStar Leadership Track ensures that the programming and learning opportunities offered at the conference are relevant and applicable to the real life advocacy work that Youth MOVE Chapters and other youth advocacy groups are taking on every day across the country.

RockStar Awards 2018

Who are rockstars?

RockStars, ages 14 and up, are ready to be empowered with information and skills, including:

  • Youth – young people advocating for themselves
  • Youth Advocates – Youth with lived experience who are change agents in their communities
  • Advocates for Youth – Young adults with lived experience who are advocating for youth engagement at all levels
  • Supportive Adults – Adults who support youth in all stages to use their voices in system change

What can RockStars expect?

  • Powerful and motivational opening and closing sessions with speakers and activities
  • Inspiring workshops where we learn together to create change in our communities
  • Opportunities to network with other youth and young adult RockStars from across the nation who are passionate about making a difference
  • A unique focus on wellness and self care in the movement

RockStars will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Strategies used to bring change to communities around the country and how to apply them in your advocacy efforts
  • How to be active in a rocking youth movement
  • Fun and creative ways to tell your story
  • How to connect with others in your community and how to develop partnerships for change

In addition to workshops on leadership and empowerment, the RockStar Youth Leadership Track will include workshops focusing on wellness, self care, and strategies for positive overall health. Training Institutes sessions will be taking place at the same time as the RockStar Youth Leadership Track. You are encouraged to attend any Training Institutes sessions that you feel will provide you with the tools you need to be an effective change agent, including those provided outside of the RockStar Youth Leadership Track.

Registration Details

In order to participate in the RockStar Youth Leadership Track, you must register for The Training Institutes, ensure payment of applicable registration fees, and indicate registration for the Rockstar Youth Leadership Track.

Don’t miss the orientation! An orientation for all RockStar Youth Leadership track participants will be held on Wednesday, July 25, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.

Youth under 18:
For youth under age 18, a responsible person (such as a parent or guardian, a community member, or another adult attending The Training Institutes) who will accompany you to the Training Institutes, accepts responsibility for providing needed supervision, and remain accessible to respond to emergencies and other issues.

An agreement form will need to be completed, scanned, and emailed to or brought to the RockStar Youth Leadership Track registration desk at The Training Institutes. A parent or guardian’s signature is required.

Click here to download the RockStar Youth Leadership Track Waiver.

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