Report: Arizona Soars to 49th in Elementary Teacher Pay – For Now. See related stories here

| April 11, 2018

Editor’s Note: While we sincerely hope that Arizona is able to avoid a teacher strike, we at the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth have been reporting on the desperately needed support for education in our State for years now.  We recognize that we all make choices and get what we pay for.  For us in Arizona, that has meant being 49th in the Nation for elementary teacher pay, failing infrastructure and teacher shortages in the thousands. The current climate is not just about supporting teachers- which is crucial and past due- it is about the VALUE we place on having an educated and ready future generation.  We support teachers, schools, administrators, families, and our elected leaders as we call for all Arizonans to work together to begin the healing and necessary change that our State requires.  We applaud the improvements that have been made recently while we recognize the work we have yet to do.  Our children require that we do not turn this into an us against them battle.  Every single Arizonan, family, business and entity has a stake in how this issue resolves.

By Joseph Flaherty • Phoenix New Times

Arizona elementary teachers are no longer the worst-compensated in the country, researchers say.

We’re now second-to-last behind Oklahoma, but maybe not for long — teachers there are on the picket lines.

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