Positive Behaviors, Interventions, And Supports

| December 9, 2018

Mrs. Fitzgerald students from Williams Unified School District need pens, keychains, toys and more that they can earn from the school’s “Love Cart” when they demonstrate one of the character traits.

The Students

The school is in the little town of Williams, AZ. The school serves students in grades K-8 and provides rigorous academics, fantastic teachers and a safe learning environment. Their goal is to prepare their students for success in high school and college.

Our students enjoy living in a rural community and they love their extracurricular activities.

Students are special because they enjoy learning and are appreciative of rewards they earn. They are learning to be future leaders of our community.

The Project

This August, the school is starting a new character education program called Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS has been used throughout the nation to improve school climate, student safety and academic achievement. The program features all staff agreeing upon common behavior expectations, teaching students these expectations and then recognizing students when they demonstrate them.

When students demonstrate one of the character behaviors/traits such as “Be Safe, Be On-Task, Be Accountable, Be Respectful or Be Supportive”, they receive positive praise and a Falcon Ticket.

All tickets are entered into weekly drawings so that students can choose an item such as a small toy from the “Love Cart” which is sort of like a school store on wheels.

If you would like to donate for this project, follow the link here! Your donation will impact 600 students, more than half of which come from low-income households.

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