Poorest Flagstaff School Is Richest In Chess

| April 26, 2017

The school currently lacks the funding to send to Super Nationals all of the kids who qualified.

By Laurel Morales • Fronteras Desk • Arizona Public Media 

Chess is a quiet sport.

Fifty young kids — ages 5 to 11 — recently sat across from each other in a classroom after school. They concentrated on their next moves. Coach Ted Komada burned enough energy for all of them. He paced up and down the rows, threw his arms up in the air and spouted strategy.

“You’ve got a rating,” Komada told the kids. “Your rating is a number that says, ‘This is how good you are.’ Your job is to make that rating wrong. Be better than that rating.”

It’s clear Komada really believes in these kids and sees chess as more than just a game.

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  • CCC&Y Editor’s Note: To provide support to the Killip Chess Club for its trip to the Supernationals, go to  GoFundMe

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