PJC Corp still providing services to students

| December 15, 2020

By the Phoenix Job Corps

PJC Corps, which serves clients in Northern Arizona, is still providing services to students. Center has 17 on site students who are staying in the dorms. Over 350 + students enrolled, the center only has 22 student to deliver chrome books and wifi to  ¾ of the student population are now virtual learners.  About a handful of students graduated from Penn Foster with their High School Diploma.

The Center hosts a virtual award assembly monthly to recognize student accomplishment & motivate participation thru gift cards or other incentives to encourage attendance, class participation or returning school work in.

The Center is still awaiting the go ahead from the National office to open for in person learning. In the meantime, Phoenix Job Corp continues to recruit students for future enrollment, when center resumes on site learning. Ms. Terry White is the Recruiter for Phx Job Corp. Career Transition Services are still being provided to former graduates and still looking for resources and possible entry type jobs, training or other resources to share with our students. 

On a good note currently, our Northern Students are working and going to school on line. Over all students are eager to return back to the center to finish what they started. We look forward to getting them closer to their goals when we are able to do so. 

For more information, contact Evalena Claw at 928-550-5099, 602-686-3611 or send an email to Claw.Evalena@jobcorps.org


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