Participate in a Survey on Human Service Provider Training

| January 25, 2016

Arizona State University, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Child Safety, is conducting a statewide scan to identify existing training for human service delivery organizations.

The purposes of conducting such a scan are threefold:

  1. to catalog the wide variety of existing training topics occurring across systems,
  2. to inform future training opportunities for staff, system partners, and/or the family unit (birth family, kinship, foster/adoptive), and
  3. to identify and formally recognize training that may qualify for federal funding pursuant to Section 474(3)(A) of the Social Security Act and 45 CFR 1356.60

The survey consists of 64 questions, almost all of which are multiple choice. The survey will approximately take 10-20 minutes.

Results from this survey will be used to provide information at local, regional, and statewide levels. You may request that identification of your organization be excluded from any reports, presentations, or publications however, non-identifying information will be shared in aggregate form.

Multiple submissions from organization are expected and encouraged. Please also feel free to share this survey with other local community organizations and stakeholders who provide support to Arizona’s children and families.

If you have any questions concerning the research study, please contact the research team at:  or (602) 496-1489. Completion of this survey will be considered your consent to participate.

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