Paige Kmetz receives $500 scholarship from Williams Child Abuse Prevention Council

| May 8, 2018

Williams Child Abuse Prevention Council winner Paige Kmetz, right, pictured with Virginia Watahomigie, executive director of the Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth.

WILLIAMS — Paige Kmetz, a senior at Williams High School, received a $500 scholarship from the Williams Child Abuse Prevention Council during the annual Williams High School Academic Awards & Scholarship Night on May 3.

Her winning essay showed her compassion, knowledge and experienced response to child abuse in her community.

“No person should ever have to endure the pain and agony that, unfortunately, some must live through,” Kmetz wrote in her essay. “It breaks my heart to see people come into my life with such distress and discomfort in normal living situations. Every child is different and every single one processes and copes with the anger and the past differently, which is why there is no one solution to help everyone.

“If we, as a community, can defeat and prevent child abuse in our small town, the possibilities for what we can accomplish are endless. However, there is no way to know what is happening beyond our sight … (We) must look around us. Open your eyes to what is around you, and quite often what is in front of you. Being aware of odd behavior is the first way to spot that something can be wrong in somebody’s life …

Kmetz concludes:

“Raising awareness to this cause is very important to me and dear to my heart … Sometimes I can find myself oblivious to the outside world, thinking that all of the children are safe, but when I look around I can easily question if they are. Abuse of any kind should never be tolerated and should be fought against. The start of our journey to abolish this issue is by encouraging communications and spreading awareness. And maybe along the way of uncovering cases we will find the perfect prevention plan.”

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