Opportunity Nation Explores Civic Engagement and Economic Mobility

| October 6, 2014

Volunteering and group membership are not just a feel-good element of community life, says a new report from Opportunity Nation, made possible by the Citi Foundation. Connecting Youth and Strengthening Communities: The Data Behind Civic Engagement and Economic Opportunity, argues that these forms of civic engagement also offer an effective path to upward mobility for young Americans. The study shows that youth who volunteer are much less likely to be disconnected from work and school than non-volunteering peers — a result that’s true for black, Hispanic and white low-income youth. more

This report, presented in conjunction with our research partner Measure of America, examines the relationship between civic engagement and economic opportunity in the United States, in particular how volunteerism and group membership may build social capital for youth, promote upward mobility and contribute to a range of positive outcomes that benefit both the individual and the community.

Their hope is that this research initiative will spur dialogue, collaboration and a renewed focus to promote civic engagement initiatives as part of a larger commitment to expand opportunity

For more information about the report, Click here.

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