Opinion — Steller: Prop. 123 infuriates, but alternative is worse

| February 10, 2016

By Tim Steller • Arizona Daily Star

Prop. 123 is galling in so many ways.

The ballot proposition that we’ll be voting on in May would settle a lawsuit over education funding and establish a mechanism for funneling $3.5 billion to Arizona public schools over 10 years. Sounds great, right? But it would also:

  • Delay an inevitable tax increase for education, foisting it on future politicians.
  • Allow state legislators and the governor to use surpluses to cut taxes in the meantime.
  • Set an arbitrary cap, 49 percent, on the proportion of the state budget that can go to education.
  • Establish a horrible precedent for how the Legislature can flout the voters’ will.

There are other annoying aspects to the deal, brokered by Gov. Doug Ducey’s office, between state legislative leaders and representatives of the education groups suing the state. Those are just a few of the lowlights.

But here’s the catch. After talking, mulling and griping over all those drawbacks for months, I can’t help but conclude Prop. 123 is our only option.

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