Opinion: Arizona needs a comprehensive statewide educational strategy

| August 5, 2015

By Jay Heiler • Special to the Arizona Daily Star

A recent Arizona Daily Star editorial recommended tighter admissions standards at Arizona’s public universities to increase retention and graduation rates.

While this may sound rational in theory and admissions standards are under continuous review by the regents, it would fall short in solving the larger issue at hand: improving overall student success in Arizona while maintaining broad access to our universities.

The Star, in “Regents should tighten admissions standards,” July 12, indicates it believes that the University of Arizona and Arizona State University are fulfilling their obligation to help marginally ready students succeed.

In fact, although much work remains, aggressive goals are in place and great advances have been achieved in retention and graduation rates. Going forward, to make the educational lift Arizona and its students require, sustained innovation and dedication will be required.

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