Opinion — 5W: How to solve Arizona’s K-12 funding problems?

| October 7, 2015

By • The Republic / azcentral.com

5W: Does money make a difference in education? Two experts weigh in:

Start by asking, ‘for what?’

I would start the K-12 funding challenge by asking “for what?” instead of “how much?”

The debate over whether money makes a difference in education has been going on for decades with no end in sight.  And while none of us is proud to see Arizona listed at the bottom of most measures of educational achievement, we also know that just throwing money at the problem is not the solution.

We do have evidence, however, that schools that spend money on certain things do improve student outcomes.  We also know that students who need to learn English and students who come from impoverished backgrounds, while no less capable, do cost more to get to proficient levels than their more privileged peers.

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