Normalcy in Foster Care

| July 11, 2016

Normalcy in Foster Care

A letter from Breanna Carpenter at CAA:

Dear Friends of Children’s Action Alliance,

As an alumnus of foster care, I know firsthand what it means to lack a sense of “normalcy.” For many of us who have been in care, normalcy means being involved in the same activities our non-foster care friends experience every day. It is having the opportunity to get a driver’s license, go to sleepovers, get a job, use the Internet and go to our senior prom. Although these experiences may sound trivial, the impact they can have on our lives is huge.

Now, through the “normalcy” requirements included in the Federal Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act (SFA), our foster families and caregivers have more authority to say “yes” to everyday experiences we want to be part of. Now, we have more opportunities to feel included and less isolated from our friends.

As a member of the Fostering Advocates Arizona Young Adult Board, we have created a new section on ourwebsite called Normalcy in Foster Care to inform young adults, foster parents, caregivers, and our supporters on; the SFA law, what this change means for youth, as well as Arizona’s efforts to support young adults and our caregivers in making these important decisions.

Whether it is being part of a school’s sports team or being student council president, this is an exciting time for us. All of these experiences will help shape who we become as adults


Breanna Carpenter

Fostering Advocates Arizona Young Adult Leadership Board


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