New Page Unified School District Superintendent Puts Focus on Communication

| November 18, 2015

By the Page Unified School District

Page Unified School District’s new superintendent, Mr. Rob Varner, is making a push this year to keep you as informed as possible with what is going on in your child’s school and the school district as a whole.

Monthly SCHOOL newsletters have important dates and school-specific information, celebrations, and collaborations.

Monthly DISTRICT newsletter Find out where to go to get answers to your questions, read about district-wide departments and services provided, make fun connections between our past, present, and future.

Our website used to be out of date, but is now the place to go for our most current calendars, breaking news, and links to our schools.

Facebook pages for each school and the school district are updated several times each week, sharing up-to-the-minute schedule changes, fun tidbits, and event reminders.

…Read the entire November newsletter HERE

…Read the entire September/October newsletter HERE

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