New curriculum and faces at Kaibab Learning Center

| October 21, 2015

By Loretta Yerian • Grand Canyon News

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. – Michelle Pahl, the new director at Kaibab Learning Center (KLC) at Grand Canyon, was a stay at home mom with three kids before she took on the job of director at the center.

Pahl has a master in elementary education and originally applied to teach kindergarten at Grand Canyon School, but decided to accept the position at KLC after her application was accepted in July. Pahl said the position was exactly what she was looking for and as an extra bonus two of her three children attend KLC.

“Actually this is perfect because now I have my son and my daughter here, I am super happy,” she said. “At the end of the day all three of my kids are here. It’s the best. They love it, I love it and my husband loves it.”

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