New!! AzEDS Student Analysis Tool

| February 8, 2017

By the Arizona Department of Education

ADE has released a new tool that is available to all ADEConnect users who have been assigned the ADEConnect Role of “AzEDS Data Coordinator – Base Reports” for at least one entity. This first phase of the tool shows current data in AzEDS for District of Residence, ELL, FTE, Student Need, Special Enrollment, SPED, Student School Enrollment, Support Program Participation, and Tuition Payer. A user who normally runs the STUD15 or the STUD10 for Student School Enrollment, FTE, Tuition Payer and Special Enrollment information and the ELL10, SPED10, SUP10 and SUPP11 while analyzing data for a single student can use this tool to see all the current data for these different areas a single screen.

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