New AZ Website for Young People In and From Foster Care

| March 19, 2015

Children’s Action Alliance (CAA) newsletter:

March 13, 2015

Aging Out Of Foster Care? – Fostering Advocates Arizona is here to help! 

Leaving foster care can feel pretty overwhelming so CAA is here to assist with a new website and resource hub.

Fostering Advocates Arizona (FAAZ) is a CAA initiative focused on improving outcomes for young adults transitioning out of foster care. FAAZ teamed up with the FAAZ Young Adult Leadership Board to create a website designed by young people from foster care, for young people and any person or agency wanting to support young people transitioning from foster care.

Leaving foster care is not just shutting one door and opening another. There are lots of important steps in between. The goal of FAAZ is to make sure all of Arizona’s young adults have the information, resources and support they need to transition to the next phase of life successfully.

Whether it’s planning for college, learning how to open a bank account, enrolling in healthcare, finding housing, or creating a support system of caring adult allies, FAAZ is here to connect young people and their supporters to the programs, services and supports Arizona and our community offer.

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