NAU maintains Pledge guaranteed tuition program despite $17.3M state budget cut

| April 13, 2015

April 10, 2015 • Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University’s Pledge program will continue to keep tuition stable for undergraduate students currently on the eight-semester plan, which accounts for 96 percent of Flagstaff undergraduates.

“As part of a strategy to maintain a sound financial model in the face of severe state budget cuts, actions are being taken across the university to allow us to stay committed to our guaranteed tuition program and stay true to our goals and values as an institution,” said NAU President Rita Cheng.

If approved, total tuition and mandatory fees for incoming resident undergraduate students starting at the Flagstaff campus in fall 2015 would be $10,358. The base tuition rate of $9,462 will be guaranteed for four years. Students and parents have shown strong support for NAU’s Pledge program, which provides predictability for families and encourages students to develop four-year degree plans with graduation as their ultimate goal.

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