NAU lab brings language skills to Flagstaff kids

| March 25, 2015

March 13, 2015 • Northern Arizona University

NAU’s Child Development and Language Lab is developing programs for use by Head Start preschool and grade school teachers. The lab, which is part of NAU’s Institute for Human Development, is run by Trina Spencer, a language intervention and assessment researcher. Spencer works closely with a team of undergraduate and graduate students who join her at area schools to do language skill work with young students.

“One of our projects is developing curriculum to be used in Head Start preschools for students who are Spanish-speaking English language learners,” said Spencer, referring to a nearly three-year federally funded project.

Another project is underway at Puente de Hozho, a Flagstaff Unified School District grade school. The NAU team is doing language interventions with primarily English-speaking first-graders learning Spanish in the school’s bilingual program and working closely with teachers.

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